1. Is there a worse sound than an alarm clock? Probably a mailman's footsteps.
Source: @g_cerulli
2. But who actually gets up when their clock goes off? *presses snooze*
3. We could have sworn it was Friday two seconds ago.
Source: @dodder1992
4. "I need five more minutes before I can even deal with you right now."
5. There's tired, and then there's #dogtired.
6. Then comes that weird limbo between "awake" and "getting up."
Source: @smeegledacat
7. That moment when you start questioning if work/school is *that* important.
8. "Don't bother me. I'm still trying to wake up."
Source: @kindofwild
9. No one wakes up #flawless on a Monday morning. It's scientifically impossible.
10. You wouldn't mind being a morning person, if mornings started at noon.
11. Touché.
Source: @AlisonTralongo
12. One of the reasons why you and your dog get along so well.
13. You're worthless without your liquid energy magic juice.
Source: @kindofwild
14. On Mondays, there's an inner sassy Shiba in all of us.
Source: @barklandtimes
15. "Brew it up, pronto!"
Source: @mikesamberg13
16. "And what about this morning is 'good', so to speak?"
Source: @shopcheveux
17. Monday immediately begins as soon as you walk into work.
18. Halfway through Monday when you start thinking about how lucky your dog is.
Source: @realestyouth
19. But the best thing about Monday? It always comes to an end....until next week.
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20 Dog Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Hatred Of Mondays

Good morning! Oh it’s another beautiful work week. How was your commute? Was it terrible? Did that co-worker you hate trap you in the elevator again? Boy he sure loves talking about his burgeoning DJ career, doesn’t he? And your other co-worker drank all the coffee again without brewing a new pot? Ouch. Sounds like you’re having a crappy morning. Thankfully, these dogs understand exactly how you feel.

Featured image via @pitbullsofinstagram